Transferring to UF

Transfer [trans 'fǝr]
a person who changes from one college to another. At UF, an undergraduate transfer is a student who has earned at least 12 semester hours following graduation from high school and has not received a bachelor's degree.

Planning to transfer into UF in advance is strongly advised and will greatly enhance the opportunity for a successful transfer experience. Eligible transfer applicants must have completed an Associate of Arts degree from a Florida public institution or at least 60 transferable semester credit hours from a regionally accredited institution.

Prospective transfers from Florida public community colleges can refer to the Fla. Virtual Campus (FLVC) Common Prerequisite Manual for state university transfer prerequisite course requirements. Transfer applicants who meet UF minimum admission requirements will be referred to the appropriate UF college for an admission decision. Applicants who exceed minimum requirements are most competitive for admission at the junior level, if space is available.

Transfer applicants should visit the college's website or contact the college to be sure that academic requirements are met and to become familiar with transfer application deadlines.

If you have less than 60 semester credit hours or have already completed a bachelor's degree, you are not eligible for our on-campus program and should consider applying for a UF Online Program or to our graduate, professional or postbaccalaureate admissions.

Am I Eligible to Transfer?

You are if you...

  • Can show proficiency in a foreign language. You can do this by providing a high school transcript showing that you completed two years of the same foreign language OR by completing 8-10 semester hours of the same foreign language.
  • If you speak a foreign language, you can show proficiency by taking a CLEP or SAT II exam or providing an official letter from a professor that teaches that language stating that you are fluent. If you have questions, please contact admissions.
  • Have a minimum 2.0 overall GPA and a minimum 2.0 GPA from your last attended institution, as calculated by UF.
  • Have completed or will complete specific requirements for your intended major before attending UF. Visit your intended college's website or contact them directly to be sure that you meet all of their requirements.
  • You are in good standing and eligible to return to any institution previously attended


Ready to change zip codes? As the flagship university for the state of Florida, UF is a top destination for many transfer applicants in pursuit of a bachelor's degree. Each year, UF receives thousands of applications from transfer applicants seeking a degree that will be recognized worldwide. For this reason, and because UF offers no transfer admission guarantee, we encourage you to make yourself competitive in your transfer admissions. It is important to meet college and major prerequisite courses and minimum GPA requirements.


The University Scholars Program introduces undergraduate students to the exciting world of academic research. Students work one-on-one with UF faculty on selected research projects. Through this initiative, students will take away an understanding of and appreciation for the scholarly method.

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Innovation Academy

Becoming a Gator puts you in some elite company. But do you have what it takes to be a Gator innovator? As you apply to transfer to UF, consider choosing one of the 30 majors in the Innovation Academy. You'll jumpstart your college career, graduate with an exclusive minor in innovation and ultimately set yourself apart in the modern global economy.

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