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  • A student enjoys using both his laptop and his IPOD outdoors on the benches in front of Leigh Hall
  • Two students enjoy their time eating lunch togehter
  • A fine arts teacher takes her class outdoors for some inspiration in using charcoals for sketching
  • A student is using his laptop in the graphic arts program to finish up his project

Computer Requirement

College and Degree Program Requirements/Recommendations

Access to and ongoing use of a computer will be required for all students to complete their degree programs. The university expects each student entering the university and continuing students to acquire computer hardware and software appropriate to the degree program. Competency in the basic use of a computer is a requirement for graduation. Class assignments may require use of a computer, and academic advising and registration can be completed by computer. In addition, official university correspondence is sent via e-mail.

While the university offers limited access to computers through its computer labs, most students will be expected to purchase or lease a computer that is capable of dial-up or network connection to the Internet, graphical access to the World Wide Web, and productivity functions such as word processing and spreadsheet calculation. The cost of meeting this requirement will be included in financial aid considerations.

Individual colleges will provide additional requirements. Consult the appropriate college's Web site or the university Web page regarding student computer needs at CIRCA.

College Requirements

Most colleges state a functional requirement defined by the kinds of documents that can be produced and read on a student's computer. These requirements include an office suite and Internet software. The college hardware requirements are met by the suggested configurations above, except where noted below. Most colleges have additional software requirements or recommendations. See their Web pages for information.

Some colleges have specific requirements more restrictive than the general campus recommendation.

Windows laptop, notebook, or portable required:

  • Accounting
  • Architecture
  • Building Construction
  • Business Administration
  • Engineering
  • Pharmacy


  • Fine Arts - vary by department; some require specific Macintosh hardware and software

College and Degree Program Requirements and Recommendations:

Check the following individual college and degree program requirements carefully. You are responsible to meet the requirements of your chosen college.