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Application Process

UF's Online Application Process is

  • Secure and confidential.
  • Accessible. Any computer and almost any newer Internet browser, version 5 and up, will work.
  • Available. As long as you remember your temporary user ID and password, you can return to the application until you are ready to submit it.
  • Comprehensive. Be prepared to provide details of your academic achievements and personal history.
  • Printable. Make sure you have access to a printer. (The summary copy is for your own records; do not mail it to the Office of Admissions or to the academic unit. Double submission of any part of the application process can delay your admission notification.)
  • All-inclusive. Everything you need to do to apply to the university is contained within this application, including the application fee, so have a credit card with you when you are ready to submit.

Note: If you are unable to complete the online application process, PDFs of the graduate application and other supplemental information are available for you to print, complete and mail.

The Application Format

  • Section 1 - Personal Information
    This section asks for contact and demographic information.
  • Section 2 - Application Information
    This section requests information about your entry term, degree level, program of study, references and special programs.
  • Section 3 - Educational History
    This section requests the details of your postsecondary education and admission test scores.
  • Section 4 - Residency Information
    Establishing your residency is important, as it determines whether your tuition is based on Florida resident or non-Florida resident rates.
  • Submitting the Application
    In this section, you must certify that the information you provided is complete and accurate. You also confirm your agreement to abide by the policies and regulations of the University of Florida and the Florida Board of Education.

    As you submit the application, you will be directed to print a summary for your records and then you will proceed to the application fee payment options.

    The Office of Admissions will not e-mail requests for recommendation letters to the contacts you identify on the application until after you have submitted the application to the university. You will be notified when this occurs, and you will be able to track the status of the recommendations received.