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Qualifying for Admission to UF

When reviewing applications from international applicants, the Office of Admissions considers the characteristics of the national system of education, the level of studies completed, the quality of achievement, the type of institution attended, and the suitability of preparation for the proposed program. Applicants who are applying as first-year freshmen should have an appropriate certificate of completion of senior secondary school studies.

What Factors Does the University Consider When Reviewing Applications from International Students?

The admissions review process tries to balance the subjective and objective components of every review. Admission officers can exercise flexibility and professional judgment in their reviews and decisions, but they must also apply consistent standards. Every evaluation retains a focus on academic achievement and the applicant's overall potential for success at the University of Florida.

Complete applications are reviewed on an individual basis after all materials and information related to an applicant's educational background have arrived in the Office of Admissions. If an applicant has had an irregular academic background or has had continuing difficulty with school officials, admission to the University of Florida will be difficult. University admission policy stipulates that all applicants must have satisfactory conduct records and be eligible to return to any institution previously attended.

Minimum Qualification vs. Selective Standing

Application to the university requires admission approval on two levels: meeting the university's minimum qualifications for admission and satisfaction of the academic unit or program's admission standards, which are generally higher, especially for limited-access programs on the undergraduate level and most programs on the graduate level.

Because the number of applications exceeds the number of available spaces, admission is selective at both the university and program levels. The academic standards published by the Office of Admissions represent academic minimums for admission. Because most program requirements exceed the stated minimums, not all qualified applicants can be admitted.

UF Considers ALL Aspects of the Applicant's Academic Record and Personal Experiences

Any international student who meets the minimums for admission is encouraged to apply. There will be opportunities on the application and in communication with the department to present unique talents, experiences and background information that distinguish you from other applicants. The admission committee is looking for students who are academically excellent, accomplished in extracurricular endeavors and broadly diverse.

It is the university's experience and judgment that this diversity will create a vibrant educational atmosphere and provide the best educational experience for all students. The university actively seeks applicants whose racial, cultural and ethnic heritage can enrich the pluralism and diversity of the university community.