Frequently Asked Questions for Non-AA Degree Holders

Q: Will there be any problems if I have earned more than 96 semester hours of postsecondary work?
A: Students with 96 or more semester hours of work must have successfully passed, or received exemptions, on all portions of the CLAST exam. Students from out of state can submit SAT/ACT scores to be reviewed for CLAST exemption.
Q: What if I have below a 2.0 GPA at one of the schools I attended?
A: Students with less than a 2.0 GPA at any postsecondary institution are not eligible for transfer to the University of Florida.
Q: Will I be required to take SAT II exams?
A: No. The SAT II will be used for placement purposes and is not required for admission.
Q: Who should I contact for information about financial assistance?
A: Contact the Office for Student Financial Affairs .
Q: Will my AP (Advanced Placement) or IB (International Baccalaureate) credit count?
A: Yes. AP scores of 3 or higher will be awarded college credit. IB diploma holders can receive up to 30 semester hours of credit for scores of 4 or higher on both higher level and subsidiary level examinations. Students who do not receive the IB diploma can receive credit for scores of 5 or higher on higher level examinations only. A maximum of 30 semester hours may be granted by combining AP and IB credit.
Q: Can I participate in the Honors Program?
A: The Honors Program is reserved for UF freshmen and sophomores.
Q: Does UF have a computer requirement?
A: Yes. Please review the information on UF's computer requirement.
Q: Will I earn credit for my military work?
A: UF will award four semester hours of credit for military work. It is necessary to submit the DD214 form.
Q: My current school operates on the quarter system. How does this convert to the semester system used by UF?
A: One quarter hour = .667 semester hours. Example: A 6-credit quarter-hour class will be equal to a 4-credit semester-hour class.
Q: Can I attend UF on a probational status if I don't have all the required courses (prerequisites) for my major?
A: No. Colleges very rarely waive department requirements (prerequisites). For specifics, contact your college advising office.
Q: I just want to take classes at the University of Florida. Is this possible?
A: Students may take classes as nondegree-seeking students . These courses will not count toward a degree at UF but can be transferred to another university or college.
Q: If I am not accepted by my college/major, can I still get into UF?
A: No. All students must be accepted by a specific college/major at the University of Florida.
Q: What if my school doesn't offer the necessary prerequisites for my college/major?
A: Contact your college for advice.
Q: What credits will transfer to the University of Florida?
A: UF will accept transfer credit from regionally accredited colleges and schools. Vocational courses and remedial courses will not transfer. Coursework from the following institutions will not transfer: bible colleges, trade/technical colleges, independent colleges and schools, and talmudic and rabbinical schools.
Q: Will I keep my GPA from my previous school?
A: All of your prior course work and grades will be listed on your UF transcript as third party work. Your UF GPA will be based on your UF work.
Q: If I was accepted for a previous semester, am I automatically accepted?
A: No. An admission decision is term specific.

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