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Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

Decision Day

It is exactly one month until “D day” otherwise known as “Decision Day,” which occurs February 10. For applicants, it is either the most wonderful or most dreadful day of the year. Our admissions officers have been hard at work travelling, recruiting, reading and reviewing in order to help compose UF’s class of 2021, and our office couldn’t be more appreciative...

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The 12 Days of the Gator Nation

With the spring term being our most popular time for campus visits, one of our Admissions Officers created an interactive map of the 12 “must-see” spots on the UF campus for you all to enjoy during your holiday break. More

Chomping Down on Finals

Ah, finals week. This is a time for memorizing an obscene amount of information and guzzling Starbucks. Luckily, our university provides reliable resources and creative ways to support students through these tough times. More

Global Campus

Students from more than 100 countries have made the University of Florida their academic home. UF consistenly ranks among the top 100 universities worldwide. Our more than 6,000 international students contribute greatly to the classroom environment.

International Students

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