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Application Review Procedures

Evaluation Criteria

The Office of Admissions seeks to recruit, admit and enroll applicants who are academically excellent, accomplished in extracurricular endeavors and broadly diverse. It is the university's experience and judgment that this diversity will create a vibrant educational atmosphere and will provide the best educational experience for all students.

Evaluation Process

Admissions is more art than science. The admissions process is designed to consider all aspects of an applicant's academic record and personal experiences, and is not intended to admit applicants solely on the basis of grade point averages and test scores.

UF's admissions process is also dynamic; it is continually reviewed and updated to reflect changes in the composition of the applicant pool and the evolution of the university's educational objectives. The Office of Admissions strives to find better ways to ensure an individualized and holistic review of every application.

The admissions review process tries to balance the subjective and objective components of any review. Admission officers can exercise flexibility and professional judgment in their reviews and decisions, but they also must apply consistent standards. Every evaluation retains a focus on academic achievement and the applicant's overall potential for success at the University of Florida.

Holistic Review

The university recognizes that there is great variation among applicants' personal circumstances, home communities and high schools, including those schools' course offerings and grading practices. Admission officers, therefore, have a responsibility to consider all factors when evaluating applications and to admit those applicants who are academically qualified and who have demonstrated a potential to contribute to and to be successful students at the University of Florida.

UF's application is designed to facilitate individual holistic consideration. The application does not alter the factors considered in the process (i.e., socioeconomic status, special skills and talents, unusual experiences, etc.), it simply makes it easier for each applicant to illustrate these criteria, and thus facilitate a more complete and personal application review.

Short-answer and essay questions, in particular, help admissions officers consider the applicant within the context of each applicant's own experiences with family, in high school, in his or her local communities and within the context of his or her cultural backgrounds. All factors that can distinguish an applicant's achievements and indicate the potential for success at the University of Florida are considered.