Undergraduate Readmission

Why You Should Return to UF

Readmission applies to students who have previously been admitted to and attended the University of Florida, at any level. Students who do not enroll at the university for two consecutive terms, including any summer term, must apply for readmission. Students who skip a single term will be scheduled automatically for a registration appointment for one additional term.

When and How to Apply

The undergraduate readmission application is available online only. Applications must be received in the Office of Admissions by the readmission deadline. A $30 nonrefundable application fee is required.

Readmission to the university is not guaranteed and is subject to availability at the appropriate level, college and major. If you are unable to enroll for the term for which you have been admitted, you must apply for readmission again to a different term.

Satisfactory Academic Record

Undergraduate applicants must be eligible to return to the university. If you have attended any college or university since you were last enrolled at the University of Florida, you must have a C or higher average (as computed by UF) on all work attempted at each institution. Be aware that grades received at other institutions are not averaged with grades received at UF for the purpose of meeting this university's grade point average requirements.

You will be asked to indicate the college and the level of your last enrollment at UF, and you must also list all institutions attended since leaving UF and provide complete official transcripts from each. Failure to declare attendance at another institution could invalidate admission and any credits or degrees earned. You also must be in good standing and eligible to return to each institution previously attended.

Please also indicate the degree program and/or major to which you want to apply or return. You must meet the current admission requirements of the college or school you expect to enter. Consult the appropriate college for undergraduate major admission requirements.

Satisfactory Conduct Record

Applicants must present a satisfactory record of conduct. Regardless of other qualifications, if you have experienced major or continuing difficulties with school or other authorities since your last enrollment at the University of Florida, your application for readmission may be denied.

Fresh Start Program

Former undergraduate degree-seeking students who have been dismissed from the University of Florida who wish to return to UF after an absence of no fewer than five calendar years (during which they have engaged predominantly in nonacademic activities) may petition for readmission under the Fresh Start Program.

Students admitted under Fresh Start who do not enroll must apply for readmission to a future term.

Additional readmission information is available in the undergraduate catalog as well as from the dean of the college into which you seek readmission.


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